Monday, November 17, 2014

Like a Tourist - Week 42

This week was slow at parts and flew by at others! Today is the start of week 5 of my 7th transfer! I can't believe how fast transfers are flying by these days! It's crazy!

On Tuesday we went and saw a few people after district meeting which was pretty cool, but a lot of our planned appointments ended up falling through! But we had a really great lesson with the Ashton family about prayer I think... The days are really starting to mesh together... But it was actually kind of a bummer day.

On Wednesday Elder Pohl woke up sick and we spent the entire day inside playing dominoes and watching old VHS tapes of Mountain of the Lord.

Same thing on Thursday, except we swapped Mountain of the Lord for Legacy. After sitting inside for a few days, some of the "movie magic" of the 80s made us crack up pretty hard, so you could tell that we hadn't really had much comedic relief for a whole 42 hours...

But on Friday we were able to go on a trade off with the Zone Leaders which was really great! Elder Hatch and I spent a few hours in an area that neither of us had been into before and were able to contact and teach some amazing people who were extremely prepared to hear the gospel! It was really a testimony builder to me to see that Heavenly Father really is building his kingdom and has prepared souls to receive us! It was wonderful!

On Saturday morning we traded back and Elder Pohl and I were welcomed back into our area together for the first time since Tuesday with a day of never ending rain that soaked us through while waiting for buses and what-not... haha. but because of the rain we had a lot fall through and not a whole lot of people wanting to talk to two soaking wet white guys trying to yell over the downpour of water... haha But it was a pretty good day! 

On Sunday we were able to have President Mehr come and speak to us and rearrange the branch Presidency which had been how it had been for a while, so nothing too crazy! Then we went to a members house for lunch and then to the new senior couples house for a "gospel jam session" with President Mehr that is always cool. We just bounce questions off of him and he teaches us. We were there for like 2 hours just talking and learning it was so awesome!

Then today we were supposed to go hike a volcano but it didn't work out so a few companionships got together and took a 45 minute bus ride to what is called Wallibou Bay where a few scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed. One of them was the one where Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp fight in the rafters. Kind of cool!

All in all it was a great week! Nothing to complain about! I hope all is well!

Keep me in your prayers!

With all my love,

Elder Dorrance

Looking over a wall into the ocean

Elder Gutierrez

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