Monday, September 1, 2014

Rollercoaster of Emotions - week 31

This week started out extremely promising and had a lot of success at the beginning of the week but then the gunya happened.
On Tuesday we had a pretty good District Meeting and I headed to Campden Park for a trade-off with Elder Nedd. We had a lot of really good lessons and a whole lot of rain hit us all day long. It was a whole lot of fun working with Elder Nedd though!
Then on Wednesday we had some lessons in Campden Park and headed to Kingstown to trade back. Had some alright lessons in the evening, nothing too crazy.
On Thursday We had a wonderful day of none of our planned appointments falling through. Not a single one! So we had lots of really good lessons where the spirit was really strong! It was really great! We had an awesome lesson with a woman named Brontie about the Restoration and she really understood it, it was a great time!
Friday is when it started to go downhill. We had some alright lessons in the day but around 4 o'clock both Elder A and I started to get a little exhausted but we kept going, that night we had to go and clean the font for a baptism the next day and when we were walking home Elder A was basically limping back to the apartment because his ankle was giving him problems. But we got home and got to bed and when we woke up on Saturday, neither of us could walk because our ankles hurt so bad.
We caught what is called chikungunya where there is really bad joint pain, in all your joints. Every single one. fingers, toes, wrists, neck,back, all of it. and you get a real bad fever and chills. It hit Elder Aukusitino and I at about 930 at night on Friday night and we were both shaking so bad. So we spent the entire day on Saturday inside with another Elder, Elder Staley who caught it too. Then the mission doctor told us we probably shouldn't go to church so Elder Staley got dropped off on Sunday Morning and him Elder A and I all just hung out in pain all day yesterday. Last night was pretty rough too, not a whole lot of sleep. It's been a pretty rough week. But I think we are on the tail end of the sickness.
Sorry this one is so short, my wrists kind of hurt from typing. I'll be better next week.
Have a great week. Love you tons,
Elder Dorrance

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