Monday, September 22, 2014

This Week Was So So...-Week 34

I have come to notice that as I progress farther and farther on my mission these weekly emails will get shorter and shorter....

Really all I want to say is:

"This week we did more missionary work. There was good things, there was bad things. I got tired and hungry and I slept and ate. Yep. Have a good week."

That's pretty much it, but I know you would come find me and make me write more... so here it goes...

On Wednesday we had an extra long Zone Meeting because we had to watch a driving safety video and we don't even have a car... but it was still good. Then we had lunch and thing and taught some lessons. We also had a kick butt correlation meeting with our branch president about what he would like us to do in the branch. It was really interesting to see how he views the branch and how we view the branch and how the members view the branch. There is one end goal that we all want, but a plethora of ways of accomplishing that goal. But it was good to get his perspective.

On Thursday we had a pretty good day scheduled and had almost all of the lessons fall through that we had set up before hand. So that was a little frustrating. But we were able to go to a birthday party for a young girl turning 7. She is seriously way cute and reminds me a ton of how Sydney was at that age. But after that we were able to have a fantastic lesson with the Ashton family answering all sorts of questions about the Book of Mormon and talking more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

On Friday we scheduled a couple members to go see some people with us, but not only did the lessons fall through, the members fell through also. But I have come to realize that the Lord cancels appointments for a reason. I think that reason on Friday was to talk about the Book of Mormon with a young girl named Zouvia. It was a sweet lesson!

On Saturday we had a ton of stuff fall through again but at the end of the night had another fantastic lesson with the Ashton's about the Plan of Salvation. I was for sure they would be at church but they flaked on us which was kind of a bummer...

On Sunday we had a regular church and some lessons fall through but after church we headed to a members where we had CHICKEN CURRY again! It was amazing. I thought I was in Guyana again... haha. But we had choir practice and a pretty good lesson with a woman named Kelly. So it wasn't a terrible day.

The branch is great but kind of weird, it is the closest thing to a ward I have seen. They have pews (They are not fastened to the ground) But still pews. And they have speakers and everyone goes to their own classes... haha so they have enough for everything. Priesthood is real interesting at times haha its good stuff. 

The church built a building in the 80s and is really nice. It was remodeled a few years ago. It's cool.

This week had a lot of lessons fall through and lots going on, but we are staying busy and working hard! Elder Pohl is a great missionary and I'm excited for the rest of our time together! 

Love you all so much and hope you have a great week!


Elder Dorrance

Elder Pohl

St. Vincent

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