Monday, September 8, 2014

Chikungunya -Week 32

Oh man, this week was a pretty boring week but probably one of the better weeks on my mission.

On Tuesday we headed to district meeting in the morning which went alright but my head was pounding the whole time. Then we headed back to the apartment and slept for the rest of the day. 

On Wednesday we just hung around the apartment. I was feeling better than Elder Aukusitno, so I was kind of just reading and stuff while he tried to sleep. Nothing too eventful for the day.

On Thursday Elder Aukusitino was told not to leave the apartment again but I was given the green light to take a half day. So Elder Staley and I headed out because over a few days Elder Tillotson had also caught the Gunya. So him and Elder Aukusitino chilled at our apartment while Elder Staley and I went and ran errands and picked up a missionary. Who we found out had to be driven to the complete other end of the island, so we actually had a whole lot of fun on that 3 or 4 hour car trip. Elder Staley is a good guy and we had a whole lot of laughs throughout the whole day. We even got to teach a lesson which was fun.

On Friday we were all confined back to our own apartments and while Elder Aukusitino slept I cleaned our apartment because it probably hadn't been cleaned in a couple months... haha. We also had a branch BBQ Friday evening which was pretty fun. It was an FHE kind of thing so there was a lot that was going on. 

On Saturday we were both given the OKAY to head out for the day but to take it easy... Well we went out for most the day but we were both drained and achy by about 7 o'clock and the Dr. told us that if we overexert ourselves chikingunya has the tendency to come back, so we headed home and took it easy. But while waiting for a bus we got a phone call from the AP's telling us that Elder Aukusitino will be leaving this Monday and Elder Pohl will be coming to serve with me from Barbados. I've only heard great things about him so I am super excited to start working with him. I was pretty sad to hear that Elder Aukusitino was leaving, I have loved serving with him and he will do great things in Trinidad. 

Yesterday we had normal church with 6 investigators at church! Which was pretty incredible! Then we headed to a members house for lunch afterwards, which was nothing out of the ordinary, then we had a ton of lessons fall through for the day and we both got super tired and sick later in the evening so we decided not to push it and headed home.

Then this morning we woke up a little early and headed to the beach to have a little get together with the whole zone which was a whole lot of fun. Especially because it is Elder Tillotson's last P-Day. He heads to Trinidad on Wednesday and home on Thursday. He's a good guy and a great missionary, it's been fun serving around him.

But everything is going well. Still pretty tired and a little achy. I'm also kind of sad because I think my tan is fading a little bit;) But I'm doing great. We have plenty of great people lining up for baptism, so the next few weeks should be pretty great! 
Thanks for all you do! I love you tons!

One Love,

Elder Dorrance

Yes, those are bats.

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