Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This week flew by as usual - Week 30

This week was crazy with a lot of unplanned appointments that Heavenly Father really did put into our path.

On Tuesday we had lots fall through and got almost a third of our contacting goal for the week. We talked to a lot of really cool people and taught a sweet lesson with a woman named Brontie. We talked about the Gospel and it all made a ton of sense to her. She's really cool and pretty funny. She had something happen where her daughter was downloading stuff on her phone and ate up all of her internet credit and she was getting beyond angry at her phone and at the phone company for robbing her. It was a little funny...

Then on Wednesday we were able to go follow up on a contact that we had a few weeks ago and share a really great lesson about the Book of Mormon with a young lady named Kimberly. It was cool to see her interest sparked. We were also able to talk to some of her neighbors who all wanted Books too,so we talked to all of them about the Book of Mormon, which was sweet!

On Thursday we had so much stuff fall through that I wanted to just call it quits. We had lessons on opposite ends of our area and not a whole lot of time in between to travel over there. We contacted someone right at the time we were supposed to go grab a bus and it turned into a pretty great lesson about the Book of Mormon and they seem pretty interested. By the time we finally caught the bus and got to our next lesson we were like an hour late and they were a little upset. But we spoke with a referral from a member named Pam about the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel and she had a whole lot to say about everything we talked about. It was very humbling for me. It goes to show that I really don't know every single answer. I say that a lot, but I really really don't. haha. But we were also able to have a great lesson with a less active family who's daughter is of baptismal age and who wants to get baptized, so that was really cool to talk about that covenant that she wants to make.

On Friday we had a bunch of lessons fall through again but we were able to teach a man we contacted a few weeks ago named Wilford who is going to medical school. He just barely took one of his big tests and was able to sit down with us for a bit. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he seemed extremely interested. So that was really good to see him excited about the Book of Mormon

On Saturday we woke up and studied for a bit and headed to Calliqua for a baptism. It was a really great service. The only problem was that it started like 2 hours late and didn't end until about 3. So that kind of threw our schedule off for the day. When we got up the hill to finally see all of our appointments they had all gone. So we didn't really have anything to do until 6 and we got a call from a member telling us to come to a baptism of a young 8 year old boy, she said that the missionaries usually come and that it would be best. So we went down the hill to a baptism that didn't end until about 6:30. When we finally reached our 6 o'clock appointment they were a little mad and told us that we would have to come back later. We did end the night well though, we taught an awesome family about charity and how we can all draw closer to Christ if we try. It was a great lesson.

On Sunday we had great church as usual and lunch at a members house. Then we had a ton fall through and headed to a different part of our area to have kind of a surprise lesson, but it was an awesome lesson about the restoration and the spirit was way strong, it was really nice! Sunday was a great day for missionary work, we met a lot of new people and taught some really great lessons.

It was a crazy week, but a fast one for sure. The work is going pretty well and couldn't ask for anything different!

Thanks for all the love and support! I wish you the best!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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