Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh What a Splendid Week! (29)

We had such a great week this week! I couldn't believe it! 

On Tuesday we were able to have all the missionaries on the Island come to Kingstown for Zone Meeting which was a lot of fun. Then I was able to pick up my package from customs which was actually kind of intimidating because they make you rip the whole thing apart in front of them and then value it... haha But It was good. The shoes were like heaven to my toes... Then we actually had every appointment fall through for the day but one and with the one we shared with a woman named Ninna the Law of Chastity and she was good! She even accepted to be baptized early next month which was super cool!

On Wednesday we had so much fall through but ended up having a few contact lessons with the Book of Mormon which was really nice! But we were able to see Ninna again and talk to her about baptism, so it wasn't an awful day.

Then on Thursday we had all appointments fall through, but lots of contacts with the Book of Mormon, actually something that President Mehr has really been focusing on is when we first meet some people directly talk to them about the Book of Mormon, that way they are able to have their interest sparked and have something to talk about, it works extremely well especially here in St. Vincent with mostly all Christian people who use the bible on a daily basis. 

On Friday we had all appointments fall through again and some alright contacts, nothing too special, Friday was pretty long. But at the end of the day our second counselor in the branch presidency had a surprise birthday party which was a ton of fun. We got some good food and some great pictures, it was right after a rainstorm so we had a cool rainbow in the background.

On Saturday we got ready in the morning and headed to Calliqua for a baptism. It was a really nice service and the branch in Calliqua actually meets in like a mansion that the church is renting, it's a sweet house. But we had plenty fall through but a solid lesson about apostasy and priesthood with a young woman named Sach. She asked some good questions and it was a really great lesson, she didn't come to church though so that was kind of a bummer.

On Sunday we had church as usual but I was asked to give a talk about going to the rescue which went really well, I thought... But the rest of the day we spent walking around getting told to go away because people were too busy, so it was kind of a long day of contacting again. We were able to have choir practice at the branch though which was nice and we are actually sounding pretty good! haha

This morning was way cool though, we left the apartment at like 7 o'clock to catch a bus to Calliqua then got into the ZL's car to drive up to Georgetown to see these cool salt water ponds and some awesome little hikes. It was a beautiful day and the pictures really don't do it justice, it's kind of sad. But that's why I'm here and you're not, sorry.;)

It was a fantastic week. Even though we had plenty fall through we were able to have some great successes. 

Hope all is well at home, if it's not please don't tell me.:)

All my love, Elder Dorrance

Yes, those boats are upside down and/or sinking.  

Elder Tillotson

L-R Elder Staley, Convert from Calliqua, Elder Parker, Elder Gordon

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