Monday, August 11, 2014

Working on New Investigators - Week 28

It has felt like a really long, tiring week. We only have a few investigators in this area so Elder Aukusitino and I decided that we would focus on finding more and talking about the Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday we had a District Meeting which was really good talking about teaching to investigators needs with the Book of Mormon. Then I was able to go on a trade off with Elder Tillotson who was my Zone leader my first two transfers in Berbice. It was a lot of fun getting to work with him again. We had some great lessons in his area in Calliqua, but it was an all around great day.

On Wednesday we were able to trade back in the morning and head out with Elder Aukusitino. We actually had a lot of stuff fall through. It's really different from Guyana because here when people want to go shopping or the store they have to make a whole day of it because it is such a long walk or bus ride into town to do any shopping so it is hard to find people at home a lot of the time. But we were able to contact with the Book of Mormon a lot more and actually had two of them turn into full lessons with the Book of Mormon. It's sweet to see people have their interest peaked with the Book of Mormon.

On Thursday it was kind of a rough day, we had some good lessons planned, but it was raining so hard for so long that nobody really wanted to see us, so that was kind of a bummer to have everyone just ignore us as we yelled at their house that we were there... But we did have a great lesson with a woman named Sharon about the Restoration, they had a lot of good questions about Joseph Smith and the entire family was there, so that was really nice. But it really didn't stop raining all day until about 9 o'clock at night right about when we got home, so that was kind of lame...

On Friday we had plenty fall through again even an activity that the missionaries on the island had planned, so that was kind of lame. A member that was there was telling us that it was because of how much it was raining that day, which was crazy how much it really was raining... We were only able to have a couple lessons and they were all contacting Book of Mormon lessons that will hopefully read a little of it before we try to talk to them again this week.

On Saturday we had an appointment fall through in the morning and we had to go to the other Kingstown Elders area to Skype with President Mehr about St. Vincent becoming a District. But St. Vincent is pretty far off from becoming a district because Districts are just preparatory stakes, and the island is a lot farther from that so, it was kind of a bummer but still good to hear.

On Sunday we had some awesome talks given in church and a member feed us lunch. We had stuff fall through again so we had a few contacts and had to hustle back to church to go to choir practice, which should be really good, we are singing at the end of this month in sacrament meeting, we don't sound bad, but we are definitely not good either... haha. Then we were able to go and visit Sharon and her family again and taught her and her friends about the Book of Mormon. They all seemed really interested and told us they were going home to compare it with their bible so that was really cool!

It was a busy week with lots of stuff fall through, but all a good time either way! I'm glad everyone is doing well! Love ya tons,

Elder Dorrance

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