Tuesday, July 8, 2014

63 People at Church! - Week 23

It has been a pretty normal, great week here in Guyana!

We spent all of Tuesday in a different area because an Elder over there was super sick for like 5 days and they asked us to come and one of us to stay with the sickie and the other to do work in their area so they could see some investigators. So I was able to ride a bike all day on Tuesday in New Amsterdam with Elder Brown! It was a lot of fun, I love riding bikes in Guyana because pretty much everyone does it. It makes me feel just that much more Guyanese!

On Wednesday we headed back to our own area in the morning and had a good, regular day of teaching. One of the best lessons for the day was with Brother Skeet and Sister Trisha, who aren't married but WERE expecting their first child. We taught them about the law of chastity and they are extremely excited to get married to be baptized and start this new part of their life together! It is amazing to see what the gospel can do in a family situation! We also had an okay lesson with the Bajnauths about the Book of Mormon after which Elder Sherren got a little too friendly with a grumpy cat, who decided it wanted a little taste of Elder Sherren's arm. We were both a little worried that he would get like rabies or something, but after talking to a senior couple missionary who was a doctor, we found out that cat's can't carry rabies, but that it would definitely get infected. So he gave Elder Sherren some meds to get.

So after studies on Thursday we headed over the bridge to New Amsterdam to get him the medication he was prescribed, which took some time out of the day, but the best part about Thursday was that we were able to attend seminary, which is just barely starting back up, but it was really good, it made me a little sad to think about my own seminary days. We are hoping to get seminary really big because right now there is like 3 kids going, who are all under the age to be going to seminary, but we sure don't turn them away! haha

On Friday we had a special Zone meeting in the morning, after that we headed back to our area and taught some good lessons and went to seminary again which was really good again! Then we saw a couple more less actives trying to get some people back to church and then went and visited a woman named Sister Bibi, who we taught a lesson to and she fed us some AMAZING beef curry and roti. I loved it bad, I wish I would have taken a picture of it so I could look at it now to remember how good it really was, oh man... Mom, I know you tried to make curry before I left, but it was not curry... I love Indian food... It was also a little sad celebrating the 4th of July with just my companion, I was hoping for some fireworks or something, but nothing, kind of sad... hope it was good back home though!

On Saturday we had a pretty disappointing day. We were able to start our fast and that was good, but we had so many lessons fall through that for a good hour or so, we ended up walking around in what seemed like the hottest day of my mission while fasting with no where to go. It was rough. But we had another great lessons with the Skeets about the Book of Mormon. Brother Skeet is super excited and SIster Skeet was not moving too fast, you could tell she was about to pop. WHICH SHE DID. They told us they would be at church the next day but we were both disappointed to not see them there. Luckily a neighbor of theirs told us that they woke them up on Saturday night late and told them that Sister Skeet was going into labor, so just a few hours earlier and I would have almost seen a child birth... haha

But we definitely saw some wonderful blessings from our fast on Sunday with 63 PEOPLE AT CHURCH I haven't seen that many people at church since I first got here! It was amazing to see so many less active families and also some investigators of ours all in church with us! I could definitely tell the Lord was blessing me personally with the help and strength I needed to complete my fast. Because if you've ever seen that one snickers commercial, I turn into a bit of a diva when I'm hungry... But I was able to see the blessings of fasting! We ended our fast after church and had some mediocre spaghetti and peanut butter and bread sandwiches, but it was good none the less! We spent the rest of the day kind of dehydrated and teaching a few pretty good lessons!

Then today we woke up and headed straight to the grocery store so that we could shop before all the stores closed because it's actually some holiday today, I have no clue what it is about but everything is empty, the streets, the stores, the BARS. So it must be a good day in Guyana... haha. But we did have a zone activity playing ping pong and cricket over at the Canje chapel which was a lot of fun! A few weeks ago the Zone leaders found some ping pong paddles and balls at a store and got a piece of wood and made a net and have been pretty excited about this ping pong tournament for a while! It was a lot of fun, everyone brought some snacks and we had a great time! I was also able to go and pick up some more stuff from Joshua the Alligator guy. 

All in all it's been a pretty fantastic week. I hope that was interesting enough for everyone, If you have stuck with reading this entire thing this week, hats off to you, that was a long one! haha

Hope all is well and you are loving root beer, pizza and hamburgers for me, because that's what I miss the most this week, AMERICAN FOOD!

Love you all tons! Keep me in your prayers! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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