Monday, July 28, 2014

Zone Conference and Transfers! Week 26

Well this week definitely had some ups and downs to it! haha...

On Tuesday we were able to have some great companion study. We went back and forth on our memorized references for Zone Conference! Then after lunch we went out for the day and really focused on an assignment we got from our mission president to focus on the Seminary and Institute aged youth to bring them back to church. It's a really great way to find part member families and less actives to get them back to church! We also some of our main investigators like the Skeet's and Dyal's. Brother Skeet has like malaria or something awful so we were able to give him a blessing and head out before we got sick too. And we had a good lesson with the Dyal's about the gospel of Jesus Christ, which was really great because we were able to talk about baptism with them and how we all need to be baptized, and I think they understood the need to be baptized. Then we came home to no power in our apartment because someone forgot to pay the power bill again... 

So on Wednesday we woke up from a very hot night in the apartment to head out with un-ironed shirts to see some more less active seminary and institute aged kids. It was good! We were also able to go to fun night again which was a lot of fun as always! Came home to still no power... haha It was getting kind of old, but I guess it's the closest thing to camping I can get on my mission! We had a good time either way!

On Thursday we had to wake up early to drive to Georgetown for Zone Conference and we had to hurry over to the church to iron our shirts. Haha. We made it in time though and we had some spectacular lessons from President and Sister Mehr and the Assistants about really just how to be better missionaries and really focusing on the Book of Mormon in our teaching. I also got told that I would be leaving Rosignol which makes me pretty sad but I have been called to serve in a branch on the island of St. Vincent. I'm super excited to start this next part of my mission!:)

On Friday we weekly planned and then had lunch, after that we didn't even have time to go see anyone in our own area because Elder Sherren being the district leader had to go over the bridge to do like 5 baptismal interviews. So we traveled throughout the zone to visit a bunch of people preparing for baptism this last Saturday. It was a lot of fun! We got to spend the night in Canje also. Even though I didn't teach a lesson in my own area and I was in a car or bus for a lot of the day i was completely exhausted... haha

On Saturday Elder Sherren and I did studies in Canje and headed to New Amsterdam to be witnesses for thier baptism that they had, it was a great service! Then we met Canje in New Amsterdam and we all went and got some amazing BBQ. We go once a week because it is only open on Saturdays and it has just happened that the last three Saturdays we have been stuck in New Amsterdam for one reason or another. Then we went back to Canje to do two more baptismal interviews and then finally headed home. When we got home we only had time to see one family. That was Sister Bibi and her family who are CRAZY! haha. Sister Bibi was leaving for Trinidad on Sunday morning so the whole family was a little sad to see their mom going away for a bit. But it was still fun to be with them for just a little bit.

Then on Sunday we woke up early to get to church early and had a great time there for me it was the last time for a bit:( But I think I gave a pretty good talk about enduring to the end. After that we headed to the Samaroos to talk to them for a bit and then all the sadness came on because I realized that I would be leaving berbice... We went and saw everyone that we had time to go and see. It was pretty sad for me, but members here are used to missionaries coming and going, I seem to be having a hard time with it. I have been so blessed to get to know the people here in Rosignol, I wouldn't have wanted to start my mission anywhere else.

I can't explain how much I have loved serving here in Rosignol and I will never forget what I have learned here. I love this country and the people here will always hold a special place in my heart.

It was a crazy good week. I love you all. I will talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Dorrance

Sister Bibi and her daughters

Elder and Sister Samaroo

Persuad Family

Narine Family (Ward Missionary)

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