Monday, April 20, 2015

Crazy Hectic Weeks...Week 64

So this week was complete madness most of the time, but definitely a great week nonetheless!

But starting on Tuesday I taught my first district meeting! YAY I think it went alright. I taught about helping our investigators understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it will help their investigators to progress. That afternoon I was able to go on a trade off with Elder Smith. We had a lot of fun and also a whole lot of stuff fall through, we spent a good chunk of time finding or visiting members, it was a great day!

Wednesday morning we woke up and went to help a member in the branch move some dirt around for like 2 hours. Missionary work is hard, but manual labor is definitely a different kind of hard. We traded back and headed home to eat lunch and have every single appointment fall through on us for the rest of the day except for that night we were able to go and visit some of the only members in our area and talk to them about having a family home evening in their home. They agreed to it and have already started setting things up! So that will be really great!

On Thursday we woke up and headed to Elder Woodruff's old apartment to clean up a little bit more before the new missionaries got there later that afternoon. Then we headed to an older members home to help her hang her drapes. That didn't take long but she always comments on how handsome I am so sometimes it makes it a little uncomfortable... but she's super sweet. haha. Then we were able to have another lesson with Deidre about the Book of Mormon and what she had read in it. She told us all about how badly she wants to be baptized so that is really sweet! Then before I can go to a doctor to get my toenails removed we have to okay it by the mission nurse and she wanted pictures. So we had to travel down to the senior couples apartment to take some pictures. After we were done with that the Assistants to the President (who had gotten in that afternoon) wanted us to take them out with us. We went and picked up one of them while the other AP went with the zone leaders to see one of Elder Woodruff's old investigators named Lyn who is steadily moving towards baptism on the 3rd of May. She is way sweet and hopefully the lesson we taught helped her to understand the need for prayer.

Friday morning we weekly planned because we didn't get to do it on Thursday and we were able to see a guy named Chris again who we don't think will be progressing too much, so it may be one of the last times we see him.  Then the Assistants called us asking to give them a lift to the phone store to talk to someone about their new phone and they told us about how they were leaving the next morning and wanted to visit all the missionaries on the island before they left so they asked us if we could drive them up North to visit some of the missionaries out there. Lucky for the Assistants our last appointments for the night all fell through, So that took up the rest of our evening doing that. But it was fun and Dad knows how much I love to drive, So I wasn't complaining.

Saturday morning we woke up and took the assistants to the airport and had to run a couple of other errands and then picked up a member in Elder Woodruffs area to take with us to visit some of our appointments that evening. We were able to see Deidre again and draw up a cool pathway to baptism thing that shows her all that she needs to learn and understand before she can be baptized. She got really excited when we were able to check off a few things! She is beyond excited to be baptized which is cool to see!

On Sunday we had church which was good, nothing out of the ordinary and had the only two appointments in Elder Woodruffs area cancel on us so we spent some more time contacting in our area and had an interesting lesson with some young ladies that night about the Atonement. Which I think they understood... haha

It was a great week! Another crazy one ahead I think!

So I hope all is well! I love you and hope to hear from you all soon!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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