Monday, October 13, 2014

This Really is Christ's Church - Week 37

Well I think I'm getting to that point on my mission where really nothing changes too much. I go out and do missionary work every single day and that is kind of it... haha

This week we were able to make some great progress with a couple investigators though. 

On Tuesday we were able to have President and Sister Mehr join us in our Zone meeting which was cool to have their insight into the lesson. President Mehr was there to do interviews with the missionaries. It's nice to be able to sit down with the mission president for a little bit to talk with him. After Zone Meeting we went to see a woman named Amanda who is supposed to be preparing herself for baptism but is kind of fizzling away from commitments which is kind of sad. We were able to sit down and have a nice lesson with her and her sister though. Her sister is very interested in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and how the whole thing came about. So that is really cool to see her interested in that.

On Wednesday we got to go see a cool man named Leslie. He is very humble and we always have really good discussions whenever we go over. We have been stressing the importance of the Book of Mormon if he really wants to find out if anything we share is true. I really think that he is starting to understand. We also had correlation with the branch president on Wednesday night and about half way through President Mehr came and sat in with us, but nothing too crazy...

On Thursday we had a fantastic lesson with the whole Ashton family about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith which is cool because they are the ones we have been focusing on for the last few weeks, I really think that they are about to get it.

Also on Thursday in our Book of Mormon reading we were right in the middle of Third Nephi. I love reading about the Savior's ministry in the Americas, I especially love how closely related the church is now to how it was when Jesus Christ was on the earth...

This really is Christ's Church.

Then on Friday we spent some time trying to contact and tract a part of our area that we hadn't really been to before, but it turned out to be a dud. I have never been so downhearted on my mission than when a contact with a complete stranger goes badly. Haha I'm okay now but it just completely kills me on the inside because I feel like people won't even give us a chance to talk and just shut us down.

But on Saturday we were able to see someone in the morning and got back home in time to make some spaghetti and start our fast. This had to be one of the quickest fasts I've ever had. I don't know why, but I feel like it just flew by. We went walking a whole lot Saturday night with our Branch President while he showed us around to a few people which was kind of hard but nothing too crazy.

Then on Sunday morning the hunger and thirst pains really hit me, but we headed off to church and had a really nice Sunday meeting. Then we were able to have lunch at a members house and have an alright rest of our night.

All in all it was an okay week I guess. Fasting is hard but something I learned is in Helaman 3:35 Which talks about some blessings that come from fasting. like greater humility and faith.

I love this gospel and I love you!

Have a fantastic week!

All my love, Elder Dorrance

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