Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goodbye Elder Staley - Week 39

This was a hard and rewarding week for Elder Pohl and I here in St. Vincent.

On Tuesday we had a good zone meeting where we spent the whole time talking about things we learned from our companions and then we took some time to take pictures and sign books and stuff it was a lot of fun. Then we actually all but one of our appointments fall through, but we had a great lesson with the Ashton family, it got a little hostile at times, but it turned out really good.

On Wednesday it was transfer day and we woke up at about 5 to tapping on our window because the zone leaders were dropping off a missionary to stay with us until his companion flew in. It was also the last time I would see one of my best friends for a long time. We got up and tried to see some people after studying but that ended up falling through too, so we caught a bus to the airport to get the missionary to his new companion. Later, we were able to have a great lesson with a girl named Kelly who is the older sister of one of the recent converts in the branch. She told us about how she wants to change and be baptized but there are things she has to do first. It was a really spiritual lesson and it went really well!

On Thursday we had some  great lessons planned but actually had most of them fall through again. We had some awesome lessons with the ashtons and a man named Leslie! It was great!

On Friday we had a lesson with someone we had never met before named Steven and he was really interested and really wants to grow closer to Christ! It was an awesome lesson! 

On Saturday we were able to visit with a woman named Rachael who we contacted a few weeks ago.  She is really involved in her faith at the moment, but loves having us come over and talk to her about what we believe. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and while explaining it she read a little about the Book of Ether and the confounding of the tongues and she was happy to find out that it is the same tower of Babel as in the bible. It was a great leesson and she is excited to learn more! 

On Sunday we had great church and we were able to have a sweet FHE with the Brown family that night.  We talked about Joseph Smith and watched a little movie about him!

It was a great week and Elder Pohl and I are doing really well! We got some new missionaries on the island and it is really fun to see them just starting, it reminds me of about 9 months ago tomorrow when I entered the MTC. Boy I can't believe time has flown by like that..

I love you all and thank you for the emails and letters! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Dorrance

Sister Christiansen, Sister Shelton, Sister Worthington

Elder Shariatmadari (Back) and Elder Staley

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