Monday, October 20, 2014

Lots of fun fun fun! - Week 38

This week was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work... 

On Tuesday we had almost every single lesson fall through which is still kind of a bummer but we find other things to do that I feel are pretty effective. Especially visiting with less active members in the area we are in.  Trying to just visit with them and see how they are doing...

On Wednesday we spent a good part of the morning trying to get the baptismal font filled up for a baptism that evening and getting into the office because it was locked. But we ended up working it all out and getting it put together nice. We had some alright lessons but mostly everything tapped out again. The baptism was for the next Elders. Her name is Alicia and she is way cool. On trade-offs I have been able to teach her a few times. She is really cool and has gone through a lot to get baptized it was really cool! 

On Thursday we had a trade off planned where Elder Staley would be coming into my area which was probably the best trade-off I've had on my mission... We taught some great lessons and had a whole lot of fun. We actually had a cool experience with the other zone leader trying to call someone and getting someone else and contacting them to the point where they were willing to let us come and visit her. So it was way cool to go and to talk to her about the Book of Mormon. But we had a great day and some wonderful lessons.

On Friday morning we traded back and actually ended up having another kinda cruddy day with everything falling through. We did have an okay lesson with some less actives but nothing too great... Kind of a bummer.

On Saturday we were able to go see a woman named Nikisha who's brother and friend were all there and they all were extremely interested in the Book of Mormon which was super cool! Also later that night we had a great lesson with the Ashton family focusing on the restoration which is the only problem they are facing right now. It's hard to help people be converted when they won't read the Book of Mormon. That is one thing I have definitely learned on my mission.

On Sunday we had great church! Alicia was confirmed and the whole thing was set apart for the primary program which was hysterical! haha. It wasn't like at home but it was still pretty good. Then we were able to have lunch at a members house and a lesson with a woman we contacted earlier in the week who is super prepared to receive the gospel which is super cool to see! 

It has been a great week with a lot of the same stuff going one. Serving the Lord in paradise. Beautiful sunsets, lots of great people, and tons of good times!

Thanks for all the prayers and emails and keep 'em coming! I love you tons and have a great week!

Love, Elder Dorrance

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