Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snippets about mission life from extra emails

We cover two areas because Guyana only allows about twenty foreign missionaries into the country at a time.  It's been kind of stressful because there is so much to cover and Guyana could be its own mission.  Our district had like 10% of the mission goal last transfer.

I can't understand a word that comes out of the Branch President's mouth and there are always drunk people walking around at any time of the day, so they get to be pretty interesting.

I can't understand a word of what anyone says and it's just because of how much slang and how fast they say it all, it's completely frustrating!  

Some West Indies slang: pigney=children, next=another, "You know how fer read?"= do you know how to read?, vexed=pissed, licks=beatings, they pretty much just say regular words but they mean different things. It's killing me...  I'm getting pretty good at the smile and nod.

It is a good day so far. I am not enjoying the living conditions mostly. We have had to take bucket showers all week because we don't have enough water pressure for it to come out of our shower pvc pipe... And it's cold cold water... haha. But it sure is an experience. I figured out though that tomorrow is my month mark. pretty crazy! I feel like I was in the MTC for a month...

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