Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Stay Bless and Take on no Stress" - Week 103

Carnival Costume 

This week was alright, we had a lot of stuff fall through and basically no investigators wanting to let us teach them.

On Tuesday we had a really cool zone meeting in the morning on what we learned in MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) which went really well. And after having a lesson fall through on us we got a call to go give a blessing at the hospital. After we had just left from where we were parked a car came flying around the corner on wet road and just smashed right into us! It was pretty crazy and that basically took up the rest of our day at the police station so that day was basically gone...

On Wednesday we had a really great lesson with a family who came to church a few weeks ago who before that hadn't been in a year and some months. It was really a powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon trying to help them to read it more and help them to understand the importance of it.

On Friday we had a pretty good day, we got invited to a members house for a little bit that night to see her costume for something called Kings and Queens for Carnival here in Trinidad. She makes tons of money from these costumes and is one of the strongest members in the Ward! It was pretty amazing to see it all put together!

On Sunday we spent the whole afternoon and night in Siparia with President Nandlal visiting members down there which went really good also! 

Things are going great here in Trinidad and I'm loving these last weeks that I have to serve the Lord! 

Thanks for everything,

Elder Dorrance

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