Monday, January 4, 2016

Another Week another Dollar - Week 101

This week was unfortunately kind of a joke for missionary work. Here in Trinidad people really take vacations seriously and milk them as much and as long as they possibly can. So that makes it next to impossible for us to get to see anyone or meet anyone new.

But on Tuesday we had a sweet lesson with a guy and his wife for the first time since we first met them and it was an awesome lesson! Later that night we also got to go and visit a part member family with the mission president's son-in-law who was in town visiting for the holidays which was way cool to get to have him teach with us! 

Wednesday was way cool because we were able to do work with the Assistants and we had Elder Hansen with us who is an awesome Elder I've known for almost my whole mission. So it was good to get to do some work with him on Wednesday.

Thursday we drove down to Point Fortin to support the sister missionaries with their baptism of a guy named Kelvin. I was able to go in the ocean and be a witness too which was super sweet!

The rest of the weekend was a lot of trying to go finding but a lot of people were having house parties and were still a little hung up on their parties and things they had done the last few days so nobody really wanted to talk to us. But we had a sweet lesson with the Defrance family about grace and how we need it in order to change.

Earlier today we drove down to Port of Spain to go to the zoo there which wasn't AMAZING but it was pretty dang sweet for this little country! They had tons of stuff and I fed a giraffe so i was pretty satisfied... haha

Hope you all had an awesome new year's day and an even better rest of the year!

Bless up!

Elder Dorrance

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