Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Missionary and Christmas - Week 99

So this week was pretty hectic for sure! We had a ton going on and had a ton of fun adventures! 

We did a lot of service and I got to skype with Elder Hagood (new missionary) on Tuesday to get to meet him which was super sweet! We also had to drive back down to Point Fortin to pick up the elders because one of them was getting transferred to Guyana which took all night long... haha Brother Ramesar and Elder Hunsaker and I all drove up to Chaguanas to drop off Brother Ramesar because his six weeks were up and headed up to the mission office to drop off Elder Hunsaker and pick up Elder Kong and Elder Hagood and spent the whole day driving around. Apparently Elder Hagood got a phone call because his luggage got lost so we drove like 20 minutes to the airport to find out that the airport didn't actually have his luggage and so we made a few phone calls and found out that the lady who did have it had taken it by mistake and so we drove to Arima to go pick it up at this ladies house which was pretty awkward...

On Friday we had Zone meeting which went pretty well and had interviews all day long with President Egbert which was really great! It was funny that night when we went to check up on a less active member and ended up painting her house in the dark which we hoped looked good...

On Sunday we spent the whole day after church in Siparia and we had a bunch of cool lessons with members down in the little branch. One in particular with a member and his wife who is Catholic. We had a great lesson about the plan of Salvation and she had a ton of questions for us! 

Yesterday we had a big get together in Valsayn with all the missionaries in Trinidad and Tobago. We went caroling at a mall for like an hour and then had Christmas lunch and a devotional and watched "It's a wonderful Life" It was a super sweet day and I'm excited for this Christmas weekend! 

I hope you all remember the reason for the season and Keep the Christ in CHRISTmas!

With love always,

Elder Dorrance

Zone Christmas Party "It's a Wonderful Life"

Our district: Elder Naylor, Elder Prestera, Elder Hagood, me

Caroling at the mall

Screen shot of us trying to recreate a white Christmas with a cup of fake snow and a tiny tree.

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