Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A lot of Driving - Week 97

Merry Christmas!
This week was a lot of the same old same old... We are really trying to get a lot of contacting in but we can't seem to be in the place where people are home or interested... haha so lately it's been a lot of yelling at houses that aren't home or aren't too interested. (Instead of knocking, people in the Caribbean just yell into the house for people to come out)

But on Tuesday we headed down to Point Fortin in the morning for district meeting and then I was able to go on a tradeoff with Elder Hendricks from Point Fortin and it was really good! We were able to visit with an older member who is kind of sick in her legs and so she can't come to church but we had a sweet lesson with her about the restoration and invited her to share it with her friends. She said she would try and talk to her friend who owns a shop down the street! I've really seen that it's the doctrines of this church that change people, it's not the missionaries or the church, but it's what it teaches and what it really stands for that help people to want to change.

On Wednesday we dropped Elder Hendricks back down in Point Fortin. It is like an hour and half drive so that was pretty fun, but a long time in the car for two days. We spent the rest of the day in Princes Town with Brother Williams visiting members there who are all so close to coming back to church.

On Thursday I was able to go and get my stitches out of my toe which was nice. It definitely made the pain chill out a bit but that took a while and so after that we had a coordination meeting and had an awesome lesson with a part member family who the dad is a Presbyterian and who knows everything we teach to be true, but can't bring himself to leave his church which is pretty sad, but he's a great guy and loves his wife! He would be an awesome member of the church! 

On Friday I was able to head up to MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) in Valsayn at the mission home with the other Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders to talk about the mission and what President Egbert wants us to do to help it to grow. It was really good. We focused on the Book of Mormon and how it is so powerful in conversion. We had an awesome lesson with a woman that night as well with her 3 children about the Book of Mormon and it went super well with them also!

On Saturday we started our fast and went to pop in on a less active woman and her friend was there! So we taught them both about the book of Mormon as well and had an awesome lesson with them and they both said that they'd come to the Christmas dinner later this month at the ward! Another thing that we talked about in the last Zone Conference was about teaching the members about the doctrines of the lessons and so we were able to go and teach an active family about the gospel that night and it was cool to show them the evidence of what they already knew in the scriptures and helped them to understand it more and more!

On Sunday we had really good church and we actually had a really awesome group meeting in Siparia with a sister who invited a couple of her friends over for a lesson and it went super well. But Siparia is super far away so we visited them as well as another member family there in Siparia and made the long drive home! It was another long day of driving, we had a couple of them this last week! 

Hope you all have a great week! 

With Love, 

Elder Dorrance

Map of all the places we drove this week. Our area is huge!

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